Tia Singer / Songwriter   

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Getting To Know Tia

I am 23 years old, up and coming singer and songwriter.  I write and sing different genre of songs but my passion is conscience music.  The era for more conscience music is on the horizon.

I was born on St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands in September of 1990. When I was 3 however, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia  with my parents where I grew up. During high-school I found an interest in R&B music and writing poetry and music. At 20 I moved back to my home on St. Croix and fell in love with Reggae music. I featured on my first song in 2013 writing and performing the hook to the song “This is Love” with Cruz Rock. I am known for  my extraordinary songwriting skills, and smooth vocals. The rest is history in the making!!!

I am currently looking to collaborate with other songwriters or artists, those who are well seasoned or with those who are getting their feet wet like myself.   My songs are for purchase and/or lease. I welcome serious inquires and look forward to working with more producers and artists in the future.